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Weblogic 10.0 Classpath

The classpath in Weblogic 10.0 has changed comparing to 9.2 version. Here is what I have in my build.xml now. It works for a simple web service and Weblogic tools such as jwsc, clientgen, wldeploy.

<path id="wl.class.path">
<pathelement location="${wl.home}/jrockit_150_08/lib/tools.jar" />
<pathelement location="${wl.home}/patch_wls1000/profiles/default/sys_manifest_classpath/weblogic_patch.jar" />
<fileset dir="${wl.home}/wlserver_10.0/server/lib">
<include name="weblogic_sp.jar" />
<include name="weblogic.jar" />
<include name="webservices.jar" />
<include name="xqrl.jar" />
<fileset dir="${wl.home}/modules/features">
<include name="features/weblogic.server.modules_10.2.0.0.jar" />
<include name="features/com.bea.cie.common-plugin.launch_2.2.0.0.jar" />
<include name=&quo…

How to post a code snippet here?

I have a few lines of code that I want to post here. The cut and paste does not work. Here is a simple solution I found in posts on The idea is to replace < and > with & lt;, & gt; symbols. Here is how it looks like: