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How to debug SOAP on Mac with tcpdump

I’ve been using several tools to debug SOAP on Mac and Windows. I would like to share my experience in using some of the tools and show some examples.

So far I found four major categories of tools that are useful in debugging SOAP:
Interface listeners such as tcpdump and othersProxy tools such as TCPMonitorServlet filtersApplication server logging. For example, Weblogic has a special logging option that dumps SOAP requests and responses to the sever log.
All of these tools have their own advantages and disadvantages. In this article, I will describe the first type - an interface listener tool called tcpdump. I am planning to describe other three categories in the future posts.

The tcpdump is a tool that sniffs IP traffic and dumps it to a file or a standard output stream. It was originally developed by Van Jacobson, Craig Leres and Steven McCanne from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley, CA. It is open source. The tcpdump documentation and sou…

Deploying BlazeDS to Weblogic 10.0

The BlazeDS is a free and open source J2EE application that provides data services to Adobe Flex and AIR applications. I’ve deployed it to Weblogic 10.0 server. I thought somebody else would be interested to do the same. Here is how.In case you need to install Weblogic 10.0, the developers copy is available for free at have it installed on my Windows XP at D:\bea10 folder.I have created a new domain for my BlazeDS applications. It is easy to do, see for details.In my case, the domain name is blazeds and it is located in D:\bea10\user_projects\domains\blazeds folder on my computer. The domain name and the folders names can be difference, I just mentioned them so it is easier to follow the examples..Once the Weblogic server is installed and a domain is ready, the BlazeDS applications can be deployed. A copy of BlazeDS is available at…