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Creating a HelloWorld Android App for Amazon Fire Phone

I've tried creating a sample project for Amazon Fire Phone and found a few issues and workarounds. I thought it might be helpful to share them here. It might be useful to Android developers getting started with Amazon Fire Phone programming.

I've followed steps on setting up development environment provided by the Amazon site. Once I've got an Amazon Fire Phone SDK Addon installed, I've created a sample app in Android Studio v1.3.2. In this example, I am using buildToolsVersion "23.0.0"

Here are the steps for creating a new project:

Android Studio v1.3.2.
- File > New > New Project
   - Application Name: HelloWorld
   - Company Domain:
   - Next
- Check on Phone and Tablet box
   - Select Minimum SDK: API 17: Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)
   - Next
- Select a Blank Activity to be added
   - Next
- Finish

The projects has failed to compile and I've got a few errors: