Thursday, November 1, 2007

How To Run Java EE 5 Tutorial Examples On Mac

I spent some time configuring Java environment on Mac. Here are a few tips on how to get it going.

The Max OS X comes with Java 5 installed. So, here are main steps:

* Download Java EE 5 Tutorial package from

* Download Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 from I downloaded Java EE 5 SDK Update 3 that comes with the application server.

* Use instructions posted here on how to install it

Also use Application Server Installation Tips posted here:

Once the application server is installed, change permissions on the SDK/javadb, so the folder permissions allow creating a database. Here is an example on how to do that:

cd SDK
sudo chown –R your_name javadb

In general, I believe it is a good idea to change permissions to other files in SDK to some less privileged user than root.

Once I started playing with bookstore example, I’ve got some build and deployment errors. I found that I need to create a password file and point to it with the javaee.server.passwordfile property.

Create a new file in the javaeetutorial5/examples/bp-project/ folder. Edit the file and add


The admin_password should be the same as it was specified during the Application Server installation.
Update javaeetutorial5/examples/bp-project/ by adding these properties:


Once that is done, the bookstore example build and deployment works fine.

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